Research Papers

We publish research papers from our Fellows and other academics/researchers, which examine issues with depth and insights.

Is the dollar hegemony collapsing

Is US dollar hegemony ending?

Professor Robert Wade from the LSE analyses the urge for de-dollarisation and why the US dollar hegemony unlikely ends soon. He argues that while people have been forecasting the end of dollar hegemony for over half a century, but large-scale alternatives face huge difficulties, and their emergence will stretch over decades.

Democracy in Africa

The Challenge of Representative Democracy in Africa

This article examines the reasons behind the challenge of democracy in Africa and the sources of democratic potential in the continent. In addition, it conducts a mapping of democracy in the region in terms of constitutional endurance and implementation.

Digital public goods

Digital Public Goods – buzzword or trend?

In recent years, the term digital public goods (DPGs) has seen increasing use and been linked to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and concepts like digital sovereignty. Is it only a buzzword? This short paper introduces the concept of DPGs, discusses its implications, and asks whether the DPG movement will realise its potential.