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Africans after war in Ukraine

Out of Step: The West’s Waltz with Africa

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine produced a mixed diplomatic response from Africa. This article explores the reasons why Africa did not vote as a bloc to condemn the Russian invasion and asks if Africa will be drawn into a new version of the old Cold War. How can that be avoided and what measures should the West take to revamp and refresh its relationships with Africa at a time when the international order is rapidly changing?

Sino-Indian Rivalry

How Sino-Indian Rivalry is Shaping South Asian Geopolitics

Sino-Indian rivalry has intensified throughout South Asia. While the future of Sino-Indian relations is uncertain, smaller countries in the region of South Asia seek to maximise their economic benefits by playing China and India against each other.

Burma struggles for its future

Burma’s Struggle for the Future

Alan Doss, former Under Secretary General of the UN, provides a historical background of the crisis in Burma and outlines the way to a unified nation.