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OXGS Fellow Amir Paz-Fuchs

Amir Paz-Fuchs

OXGS Fellow

Amir Paz-Fuchs (D.Phil, Oxford University) is Professor of Law and Social Justice at the University of Sussex, where he teaches employment law and serves as the Founding Director of Sussex Clinical Legal Education.

Amir’s teaching and research interests focus on areas of labour law, legal theory, public law and human rights and has published widely in these areas. He has published a monograph on Welfare to Work (OUP, 2008) and is currently under contract with Oxford University Press to publish a monograph on State Imposed Unfree Labour and a textbook on Clinical Legal Education.

In addition, Amir led the research programme the Social Contract Revisited and the Modern Welfare State under the aegis of the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society at Oxford, where he Organised a series of international, multi-disciplinary
workshops and drafted the resulting policy briefs which were distributed
to policy makers and members of Parliament. 

Related activities

Policy, Consultancy and Advice   Led a five-year, multi-disciplinary project on Privatisation and the Role of the State, hosted by the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. Provided consultancy to Israeli Members of Parliament concerning social and economic rights, outsourcing and workers’ rights. Served on the board of a number of human rights and social justice NGOs, to which he consulted on legal matters and policy issues concerning agency work.



Professor Paz-Fuchs’s research interests and publications on the interaction between law, the political realm and economic structures and institutions, with particular regard to the world of work. Current research interests include:

State imposed unfree labour: advancing the claim that the work of prison workers, participants in workfare schemes and interns is ‘unfree’, reflecting on their legal position and assessing role of private corporations that profit from this labour through state regulation.

Modern Slavery: identifying the parameters and characteristics of work that should be normatively and legally understood as modern slavery.

Legal Regulation of Agency Work: assessing the legal conceptualisation and rationalisation that relates to the regulation of agency work, and the consequent status and rights of agency workers.

Selected publications


The Privatisation of Israel: The Withdrawal of State Responsibility (ed, Palgrave, 2018)

Welfare to Work: Conditional Rights in Social Policy (OUP, 2008).
‘It Ain’t Necessarily So: A Legal Realist Perspective on the Law of Agency Work’ 83  Modern Law Review 558-582 (2020).
‘Trainees – the New Army of Cheap Labour’ in Andrew Stewart et al (eds), Internships, Employability and the Search for Decent Work Experience (Elgar, forthcoming 2021).
Workfare’s Persistent Philosophical and Legal Issues: Forced Labour, Reciprocity, and a Basic Income Guarantee in Anja Eleveld, Josien Arts and Thomas Kempen (eds) Welfare to Work in Contemporary European Welfare States (Policy Press, 2020).
“Separate but Equal Reconsidered: Religious Education and Gender Separation” 19(3) Human Rights Law Review (2019) (with Tammy Harel Ben-Shahar).
“Badges of Modern Slavery” 79 Modern Law Review 757-785 (2016) (with Anja Eleveld)

Areas of expertise

  • Employment and Labour Law
  • Human Rights at Work
  • Privatisation, Outsourcing and Regulation
  • Law and Political Economy