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The Oxford Scholar Programme

A joint activity of the Oxford Global Society and the Bodley Academy

**This year’s program is scheduled for 21 July-3 August, 2024. Venue: Oxford University. Application is now open.**

The Oxford Scholar Programme (OSP) is an academic programme designed for young persons aged 15-17, from around the world. It is designed and presented by professors, lecturers, and scholars of Oxford University.

The OSP introduces the world’s first PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) curriculum uniquely tailored for young minds. (Please note, this is not a programme offered by the University of Oxford.)

What the programme is about? 

“The programme offers a unique educational experience in Oxford, famed for the university and the quality of its academic staff, and steeped in history. The course is designed to give young students an introduction to economics, politics, and philosophy. It is taught mainly by Oxford professors of high international standing, supported by tutors carefully selected from among Oxford’s researchers and doctoral candidates. The course not only instructs students but engages them in discussions and debates, in presenting ideas and writing essays.

In addition to the academic enlightenment, students learn about the history and culture of Oxford, the city and the university, the exceptional architecture, the famous Oxford Union, the Bodleian Library, and the Ashmolean Museum.”

Professor Denis Galligan 
Director of the OXGS, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies Emeritus at Oxford University

For information on how to apply, fees, and details of the the programme, please go to the website of our partner, the Bodley Academy. As to the content of the programme and the teaching team, you are welcome to send enquiries to us: info@oxgs.org.

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