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Zim Nwokora

Zim Nwokora


Dr. Zim Nwokora is an Associate Professor in Politics and director of the Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) programme at Deakin University, Melbourne.

A child of Nigerian immigrants to the United Kingdom, he was born and grew up in Northern Ireland before studying at Oxford University for his BA (PPE), MPhil (Comparative Government) and DPhil (Politics) degrees. He moved to Australia in 2010 to take up a postdoctoral research fellowship at Griffith University’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy, which was followed by employment as a McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowship at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne (2013-15), prior to commencing at Deakin in 2016.

His research interests are in comparative politics and political theory, with a substantive focus on constitutions, political parties and political finance. His empirical research often involves cross-country comparative analyses, but he also follows closely politics in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Nigeria. Among his current projects are the following:

  • Comparative research on political party systems in Africa.
  • Theoretical research on how political finance regimes can be designed to support, rather than undermine, democracy.
  • Comparative and theoretical research on the mechanisms of constitutional change.
  • Comparative research on parliamentary careers in Australia.

Zim’s work on these topics has been published in outlets such as International Journal of Constitutional Law, Governance, Parliamentary Affairs, Party Politics, Political Research Quarterly and Political Studies. He is currently finishing a book manuscript (co-authored with Matteo Bonotti) entitled Who Should Pay for Politics in a Democracy?, under contract with Oxford University Press

Areas of expertise

  • Comparative politics
  • Political theory
  • Constitutions, political parties and political finance