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Sino-Indian Rivalry

How Sino-Indian Rivalry is Shaping South Asian Geopolitics

Sino-Indian rivalry has intensified throughout South Asia. While the future of Sino-Indian relations is uncertain, smaller countries in the region of South Asia seek to maximise their economic benefits by playing China and India against each other.

standards, regulations and policies
Digital technologies & governance

Report |The Geopolitics of Global Technology Standards: Key Issues and Solutions

This report identified and examined two major causes behind the geopolitical tensions around international standards-setting of CETs: the spill-over effect of US-China rivalry and the trend of trying to incorporate democratic values in standards. It also provides some policy recommendations on how to strengthen international cooperation around CET standards-setting.

Video | Putney debates 2021: The unity of China
Governance & law

Putney Debates 2021: The Unity of China

In this lecture, professor Qianfan Zhang, from Peking University, discusses how China has managed to keep its parts together in a centralized framework that is supposed to accommodate ethnic and political diversities.