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Support us

The Oxford Global Society (OXGS) is an independent think tank dedicated to the objective analysis of selected issues of global importance from a global perspective, covering the areas of global politics, governance and law, digital technologies, and political economy. The topics we cover are often complex and controversial.

Financial support

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we seek financial support to develop and expand our activities. Your contribution will help the OXGS to establish itself on the international scene and contribute to the better understanding and solving of pressing global issues. 

Donations may be of two kinds: a) General support for the work of the OXGS; b) Support for particular projects (listed on the website) or to propose and support a new project.

Why support us

  • We are independent and non-political.
  • Membership of the OXGS consists of a group of fellows of high quality, drawn from the universities, policy-analysis, and the business and financial sectors.
  • We provide a forum for diverse views and perspectives, rather than advocating a particular perspective.
  • Our aspiration is that our work should help peoples and nations overcome differences and find ways of cooperating.
  • Controversial subjects may be tackled, conventional wisdom challenged, new ideas developed and defended.
  • Our purpose is to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of issues through research and analysis, discussion and dissemination. We are committed to providing information and analysis accessible to the public.

How to donate

We will be apparent with donations and are willing to fully acknowledge donations in any form we agree with you (such as on our website, during our events, and in our publications).

Please contact us at: info@oxgs.org . You are welcome to discuss any potential support to us with our director Professor Denis Galligan (denis.galligan@csls.ox.ac.uk) and deputy director Dr Jufang Wang (jufang.wang@oxgs.org).