Does democracy deliver development

Does democracy deliver development?

In this podcast episode, Dr Brian Wong and Alan Doss examined the relations between democracy and development, delving into multiple cases including China, Congo and Myanmar, as well as examining the role of UN in democracy and development. Alan Doss emphasized that democracy is not a panacea for development and it cannot be imported but has to be a “local construct.”

AI governance and geopolitics

OXGS Report | Navigating geopolitics in AI governance

This research report examines the differences and commonalities in regulatory approaches and the underlying values of the major AI powers (the EU, the US, and China), the role of geopolitics in shaping AI governance, and key issues regarding global AI governance.

Argentine dollarisation

Is Dollar Hegemony collapsing? South America as the bellwether

Sonia Ruseler, an Argentine and former CNN world news anchor, observes whether dollar hegemony is waning in South America, where China has become the main trading partner. She argues that while China is a respected trade partner in the region, the US dollar is still the dominant currency and remains so in the foreseeable future.

Is the dollar hegemony collapsing

Is US dollar hegemony ending?

Professor Robert Wade from the LSE analyses the urge for de-dollarisation and why the US dollar hegemony unlikely ends soon. He argues that while people have been forecasting the end of dollar hegemony for over half a century, but large-scale alternatives face huge difficulties, and their emergence will stretch over decades.