Global Politics

Global politics around Russia-Ukrain war

Event recording | Russia-Ukraine War: The West vs. The Rest?

We bring leading analysts from both the Western and non-Western worlds to understand better different perspectives about the ongoing Ukraine war and global politics, and to analyse the reasons behind “the West vs. the Rest” divide and the implications for the world.

Burma struggles for its future

Burma’s Struggle for the Future

Alan Doss, former Under Secretary General of the UN, provides a historical background of the crisis in Burma and outlines the way to a unified nation.

Book colloquium-measuring peace

Event recording | Book Colloquium: Measuring Peace and Related Issues

The colloquium focused on professor Richard Caplan’s recent book: Measuring Peace: Principles, Practices, and Politics (OUP). Richard’s book opens with the question: How can we know if the peace that has been established following a civil war is a stable one? The discussion touched on other related issues, including how to get to peace and the process after peace.