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We are launching a new think tank. But why bother?

Last updated on November 23, 2021

Oxford Global Society is an independent think tank

We are launching Oxford Global Society, a new think tank focusing on selected contemporary issues of global interest and importance. Undoubtedly, there are many—some may even say too many—think tanks already, some of which focusing on issues similar to us. So, you may ask why we bother to launch a new think tank? Also, what are its USPs (unique selling points)? A plain answer would be: we are different from others and provide unique values. Okay, but how and in what ways?

First and foremost, we are an independent non-political think tank. In contrast, many, if not most, think tanks have their particular political agendas: liberal, conservative or center. In an increasingly politicized and polarized world, we aim to transcend values, ideologies, and national boundaries. We will not promote any particular political ideas and beliefs. However, being non-political does not mean we will avoid controversial issues (that’s not our intention), nor would we maintain a neutral position in all issues. Instead, it means that we don’t have presuppositions on issues and we always strive to be objective through evidence-based research. We are fully aware that it is impossible for us to be completely objective, as we all have our own values and beliefs that are inevitably shaped by our social surroundings and personal experience.

Being non-political also means we embrace the spirit of a global community. Despite new technologies bringing us so many promises and making the world connected more than ever, today’s world seems becoming more antagonistic where countries and people increasingly distrust each other. In a world where the Covid-19 pandemic is still not over and global challenges like climate change and inequality get more pressing, we need meaningful dialogues, cooperation and global solutions. Embracing a global community also means we appreciate the values of different cultures and celebrate diversities.

Second, we have an exceptionally strong team. Most of our Fellows are well-established academics, researchers and industry experts: some holding professorship in prestigious universities, some undertaking directorship or other leading roles in research institutions and law firms, and some having the experience of advising governments and international organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, European Union, and OECD. Building on such an excellent team with a wide range of expertise, we are confident that we can produce research of the highest quality, as well as offer valuable advice and make policy recommendations for various organizations and sectors, national states and international institutions.

Third, we are a platform-style think tank with extendable resources. Unlike a conventional think tank with dozens or even hundreds of in-house researchers, we are more open, flexible and accommodating. We will contribute to research in selected areas such as global governance, inequality, environment, digital technologies, and constitutions. In addition, we will collaborate with other scholars and researchers around the world and encourage their engagement in our work. We welcome more people with the right profiles to join our team.

In other words, we are an unconventional think tank in that we don’t have a particular political agenda, boast an exceptionally strong team, and operate as an open and welcoming platform. We hope you join our journey by either supporting us, following us, or joining our team.

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