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Peter Mumford

Peter Mumford

Research Associate

Peter Mumford currently works for USPUK, a non-profit organisation supporting displaced people from Ukraine and Afghanistan. 

Peter has a BA and an MPhil in Classics from the University of Cambridge. His research focused on international relations in the ancient world, exploring the underlying themes of identity, ‘otherness’ and xenophobia that remain all too relevant in the world of today. He is particularly interested in the role of history in the construction of cultural identity and how this influences international affairs. 

Peter recently spent six months working in political research at the Constitution Unit at University College London (UCL), analysing data to examine contemporary attitudes towards democracy and constitutional politics in the UK.  He has also written articles for several magazines and publications on topics such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the relationship between geopolitics and ancient history.  

Areas of interest

  • Democracy and the rule of law 
  • Ukraine and Russia 
  • European and Eurasian geopolitics 
  • Cultural and historical identity